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Industrial RO1000
Industrial RO1000

Industrial RO1000

Reverse osmosis system for brackish water with flow rate 1000 liters/hour
Technical data
Reverse osmosis systems are used for low mineralised water (up to 4000 ppm) with different flow rates and installation possibilities (wall or ground mount). Reverse osmosis systems purify water from 99% of salts, pyrogenic substances and microorganisms
Permeate quality depends on intake water salt quantity, temperature, applied pressure, membrane selection and pretreatment.
Pretreatment required mechanical filtration, adsorption by activated carbon (Chloride presence), softening or antiscalant dosing
Symbol Industrial RO1000
Operating pressure max 15 bar
Flow rate Qnom 1000 l/h
Flow rate Qmax 24 m3 /day
Recovery max 70%
Size (L x H x W)  0.5 x 1.65 x 0.6
Power consumption 450 W
Weight 70 kg
System frame Stainless steel AISI304
Piping system
PVC or PE PN16
Inlet filter PP 5 micron cartridge
Control system Min. pressure switch, manometers, flow meters
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