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Hydra Mono
Hydra Mono

Hydra Mono

The combination of a traditional casing with modern monospheric resin resulted in 20% increase in performance.
ACS Certificate Component
ACS Certificate Component
NSF Certificate Component
NSF Certificate Component
Perfectly softens water.
Perfectly softens water.
Raw water pre-mixing function.
Raw water pre-mixing function.
Standard by-pass installation.
Standard by-pass installation.
How does it work?
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Hydra Mono is a modern water softener which provides an effective way to deal with limescale. It is filled with high quality monospheric ion exchange resin, which increases its efficiency by 20%. This special resin makes Hydra Mono an eco-friendly product. It uses less water and salt for regeneration and thus generates less wastewater. A reduced time of regeneration allows to reduce operation costs by as much as 30% in comparison with the products offered by our competitors.
It is equipped with automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with by-pass. The maintenance-service is intuitive and limited to salt refill only.

- eliminate water hardness
- automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with by-pass
- advanced monospheric ion exchange resin increases efficiency up to 20%
- increased resistance against iron and manganese ions
- extended media service life
- low operating costs
- lower salt consumption
- washings reduction
- the largest amount of resin in a compact softener – 30 liters
Hard water (which includes large quantities of calcium and magnesium salts) passes through the ion exchange resin which can be found in our softener. As a result, Ca2+ Mg2+ ions are replaced with sodium ions from the bed and water is softened. This way, you can solve the problem of sludge and unpleasant stains on valves and fittings.
Catalogue No. / Symbol WS-30-H-MONO
Type Hydra Mono - compact
Maximum flow 2.5  m3/h
Nominal flow 1.2  m3/h
Resin volume 30 l
Exchange capacity 102  dT
Average water consumption for regeneration 160 l
Average salt consumption for regeneration 3 kg
Salt tank capacity 50 kg
Dimensions (W/D/H) 31/52/114 cm
Tank dimensions (OD/H) 10" / 35"
Weight 36 kg
Working pressure 2 - 8 bar
Working temperature 4-30 °C
Power supply, voltage AC 220-240 V; 50/60 H z 12 V (650 mA)
Power consumption 5 W (during regeneration only)
Connection 1"
Suggested number of people
(depends on water hardness)
up to 5

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