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SLIM 20"

„SLIM” filter housings with an enhanced capacity enable water filtration in those flats and houses where there is no need or room for BB filter housings.
Best production quality
Best production quality
Compatible with most 2,5
Compatible with most 2,5
Product made of high quality plastic. BPA free!
Product made of high quality plastic. BPA free!
Technical data
20" SLIM filter housings
High capacity enables water filtration in the whole house with no noticeable pressure drop in your system.
Available colors: transparent – which enables you to assess the level of cartridge contamination, and white.
Housings can be fixed individually or in series.
They are dedicated for filtration of cold water.

- for installations requiring high efficiency
- available with and without brass insert
Size 20”BB
Connection 3/4”
Catalogue No. WF34C-L, WF34-L KPL, WF34
Working temperature 2-30 (°C)
Maximum working pressure 6 bar
Bowl Transparent, blue
Height 58 (cm)
Width 13.5 (cm)

Mounting bracket BR1L | Wrench WRT-L | Nipple 3/4”- MU3434; 1”- MU11
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