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In the jubilee edition of the European Economic Forum - Łódzkie 2017 participated over 3 thousand people from the world of politics, business, science and the media. The full program consisted of 30 debates and panel meetings, which discussed, among others, the export expansion of Lodz companies to foreign markets, the threats and risks to be faced, and especially the challenges facing them. How to succeed abroad? How to prepare for foreign expansion? Urszula Czechowicz-Górna, President of the Board of UST-M, spoke at the second day of the event, during the panel "Export - as a part of the company's development". UST-M is an excellent example of a company that has transformed itself from a trading company into a dynamic company with its own manufacturing facility, R & D center and high-storage warehouse within a decade. Foreign trade started in 2005 from the cooperation with the Czech company, and today exports its products to almost 30 countries around the world, anong others to Brazil, Kuwait or Portugal. Efficient use of EU funds, policy based on investment, modern technologies, comprehensive portfolio have allowed dynamic growth of the company in Poland and abroad.

We are constantly strengthening our market position,  and trying to respond quickly to customer needs, and adapting to the needs of diverse markets, "said Urszula-Czechowicz, President of UST-M.  Export is an important part of our business, therefore we are constantly looking for new directions of expansion. We expand our distribution channels and confront our offer with the best companies in the world at international trade fairs in eg. Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Kiev and Milan. 

The moderator of the discussion was Adam Binkiewicz - Member of the Board of ROEX, speakers: Dr. Norbert Krygier - Member of the Board of CTO INTELO, Małgorzata Ławniczek-Blażak and Krzysztof Koźmiński - Project managers at ROEX and special guests Urszula Czechowicz-Górna - President of the Board of UST-M and Maciej Balcerak - President of the Board of Kuchinox.

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