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New softener
Lotus Sensor
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New softener
Water filters
Central vacuum CLEANING
Water filters
Water filters and water treatment systems provide you with a permanent and unrestricted access to clean and safe water. Installed in a house, flat or in other premises, they purify and treat water in
Central vacuum cleaning
Central vacuum cleaners are a perfect alternative for traditional cleaners. They help you to get rid of mites and dust in a comfortable way. They are also friendly to users with allergies.
Sanitary system
To all of you who are currently building a house or modernizing it, we offer high quality parts and accessories for glued or welded systems and elements of multi-layered pipes.
Emilia Kubicka-Szalewicz, Director of Foreign Trade UST-M
The meeting gathered together investors, experts, officials and business support institutions - among others from Mexico and Canada and representatives of foreign and domestic business. UST-M was represented by Emilia Kubicka-Szalewicz, Director of Foreign Trade.
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A single use time indicator
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